Valigie Rigide

Special editions Bedstation
by Marc Sadler
€ 6900.00
Product specifications
Height 38 cm.
Width 230 cm.
Depth 40,5 cm.
Weight 19.5 Kg.
Volume Lt.
Features Informations

The first itinerant Bedstation by Marc Sadler, which perfectly combines the freedom to express one’s lifestyle with the structural excellence of a “mobile architecture”, converted into an ultra tech piece of luggage.The inside of the suitcase, a soft tech fabric with leather details, contains folding wooden slats that unroll into a comfortable bed, equipped with a padded sleeping bag.

A unique look for all the side wall of the suitcase, finished with the same matt ultra-soft leather handles and enriched by small ultra-convenient compartments that can hold personal items, travel accessories, tablets or smartphones, in perfect harmony with the tailor-made style that characterizes the Bank Collection.